Being a video editor is not just a job. It's so much more. Editing is a complex task, combining dozens of creative decisions, in order to tell a story. Decisions such as what to keep, what to cut. Choosing a suitable structure, setting the right pace, mood and accompanying pictures, sounds & music. It’s about a perfect combination of all these things in order to bring the pictures alive and hide the editing. Editing is an art. An invisible art.

I have always been interested in moving pictures, but it was not until 2009 when I finally started discovering the beauty of making them. It was back then when I tried editing for the first time. My debut as a video producer came in 2012, following a decision to pursue a career in video production. For me, video editing is my favourite part of the production process so I hope it comes as no surprise that my motto is 'When Words Are Not Enough.'

One of the biggest struggles is to get a chance to prove yourself in a real production. So I decided to come up with my own projects in an area I know very well – Motorsport – and in 2014 I had got my first chance to become a video editor for a big project. It was a YouTube-based video magazine "The F1 Magazine" for Grand Prix Times, one of the leading British Formula 1 websites. Then, a couple of months later, I took an exciting opportunity to become a producer of Virtual GP to start a completely new and unique project combining Motorsport and gaming.

Since my beginnings, I've always focused on a high-quality production, a showcase of creative storytelling and overcoming challenges of new and exciting projects. In my spare time, I like to learn about new things and technologies. And when I want to relax, there is nothing better for me than watching Motorsport, films or travel around the world.

Lukáš Redl

#08 Mercedes-Benz Virtual GP 2019 - Okayama - VGP1

Length: 75:16 min

Mercedes-Benz Virtual GP 2019 Announcement

Length: 1:18 min

Mercedes-Benz Virtual GP 2018 - Season Highlights

Length: 3:24 min

Mercedes-Benz Virtual GP 2018 - Michal Šmídl The Champion

Length: 2:17 min

Mercedes-Benz Virtual GP 2018 at #FORGAMES

Length: 1:14 min

#07 Mercedes-Benz Virtual GP 2018 - Sakhir

Length: 58:40 min

Mercedes-Benz Virtual GP 2018 - 01 Imola Highlights

Length: 2:15 min

Mercedes-Benz Virtual GP 2018 - TOP 3 Prizes

Length: 0:44 min

Martin Štefanko driving a Formula Renault 2.0

Length: 3:35 min

Bingo Heist - EditStock

Length: 5:31 min

Come and Get It - EditStock

Length: 6:18 min

Rugger Nation: Bad Practice - EditStock

Length: 3:24 min

Served Cold - EditStock

Length: 8:12 min

The F1 Magazine - Senna Special

Length: 18:52 min

F1 Fan Awards - Graphics

Length: 0:42 min


Virtual GP


September 2014 – Present Day

Mercedes-Benz Virtual GP Logo

  • Directed live online broadcasts of virtual sim racing events
  • Edited videos and created graphics for the live broadcasts and TV shows
  • Adapted a professional media management workflow for esports needs
  • Reviewed and logged footage from cameras and virtual TV in-game cameras
  • Co-ordinated each event, handled human resources and technical equipment
  • Developed a whole new type of esports virtual racing championship
  • Responsible for communication with international partners
  • Managed multi-lingual content on the website and social media channels
  • Distributed our show to GINX Esports TV and Amazon Prime platform
  • Created various content for on-demand services, social media and websites


Video Editor, Editor, Translator

2009 – Present Day


  • Edited videos for TV shows and online media
  • Wrote and edited texts for TV, published and online media
  • Reviewed video games for TV
  • Translated from/to English
  • Developed good relationships with business partners

Some of my clients:

  • RE-PLAY, the most watched TV shows about video games in the Czech Republic
  • CZO - České Okruhy motorsport website
  • ESET V4 Cup series

The F1 Magazine

Video Editor

January 2014 – June 2014


  • Produced a bi-weekly online video magazine dedicated to Formula 1
  • Established this project as the main project of The F1 Times website in 2014
  • Granted an official TV media status at several events
  • Led filming at a special event including interviews with VIP guests
  • Responsible for media management
  • Supervised scripts and voice over recordings
  • Developed good relationships with Formula 1 teams and media

The World Series by Renault Magazine

Video Producer

June 2012 – December 2013

WSR Magazine Logo

  • Produced an online video magazine dedicated to the World Series by Renault
  • Granted an official license by Renault Sport
  • Organised all filming events
  • Handled partnership deals and social networks
  • Maintained a good relationship with World Series by Renault



October 2014 – September 2017

At this university, I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in the Applied Informatics - Information Technology course, as a part of the Economics and Management programme. As a topic for my Bachelor thesis, I chose 'Application of virtual reality in driving schools'. I passed my final exams with Excellent and Very Good grades from the Applied Informatics and Economics, respectively.


October 2013 – June 2014

I spent one year at this university studying a course combining subjects from Information Technology and Economics. I also attended and passed a special Multimedia course dedicated to the world of video, audio, production and working in media.


September 2009 – May 2013

For my secondary education, I chose a specialization in Information Technology. After four years, I passed the graduation final exams from Czech, English, programming (C#, Java, C++) and database systems including SQL. These exams are equivalent to the A-level exams. I also took part in the CISCO Academy and obtained “CISCO IT Essentials: PC Hardware and Software” certificate, issued in November 2012.


  • Proficient with Adobe Premiere Pro CC
  • Familiar with Avid Media Composer
  • Good knowledge of Adobe After Effects
  • Working knowledge of Adobe Audition
  • Basic in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Advanced in Adobe Encore
  • Working knowledge of ATEM Production Studio
  • Advanced in Microsoft Office (incl. Access and Visio)
  • Strong IT knowledge, Windows - PC
  • Online live event production
  • Media management and colour correction
  • Web, TV, DVD, Blu-ray encoding and authoring skills
  • Social Media management incl. multilingual content
  • Website management - WordPress, HTML, CSS
  • Native speaker in Czech and Slovak languages
  • Highly proficient in spoken and written English (CEF C1)
  • Basic communication skills in German (CEF A1)
  • Driving License (B)





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My first ever project was a YouTube show called MAGAZÍN SVĚTOVÉ SÉRIE RENAULT. This video magazine, which was dedicated to the World Series by Renault series, was launched back in 2012. Our goal was to bring Czech fans closer to this exciting racing series by offering behind the scenes videos and exploring lesser-known parts of the sport. The most notable moment came with an exclusive interview with Igor Salaquarda, a team manager of the Czech team, I.S.R. Racing, discussing their fantastic Formula Renault 3.5 2012 campaign with Briton Sam Bird behind the wheel.

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The first international project I worked on was THE F1 MAGAZINE, produced for The F1 Times website (now Motorsport Week), one of the leading British websites dedicated to Formula 1. A bi-weekly YouTube magazine was focused on news, results and analysis as well as interesting topics from the world of F1 - all that in a 15-minute show, presented in English, available worldwide. The production team also visited the Ayrton Senna and Roland Ratzenberger Tribute 2014 event in Imola to film a special tribute, in honour of the 20th anniversary of their deaths.

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My biggest project I've ever worked on so far is called VIRTUAL GP. It is the only professional video game racing platform in the Czech Republic, which is going into unknown esport territories. Praised by the fans for a high-quality live coverage and an ambition of this unique project to help virtual racers in real careers. Following the success of this project, the Virtual GP is also expanding globally. As of 2018, its top-tier championship is officially supported by Mercedes-Benz and the 2017 and 2018 seasons are now available on Amazon Prime in the UK and USA.

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Being a video editor is not just a job. It's so much more. Editing is a complex task, combining dozens of creative decisions, in order to tell a story. Decisions such as what to keep, what to cut. Choosing a suitable structure, setting the right pace, mood and accompanying pictures, sounds & music. It’s about a perfect combination of all these things in order to bring the pictures alive and hide the editing. Editing is an art. An invisible art.